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WA Scuba Alliance Folks -

Anyone have a reef project that could use a nice structure?  Maybe you guys up in Port Angeles?  Or a place to stash something that would be a good structure in a reef environment at some point?  Apparently NASA has some surplus gear they could use a good home for, including a mockup of the Hubble Space Telescope.  Stuff from the Johnson Space Center's Neutral Bouyancy Lab - the big moon pool outfit.

See attached photos.

Anyone have contact info for Bruce Higgins at Edmonds Underwater Park?  I seem to have lost mine....

Please reply directly to Dan Sedej at NASA, copied on this email, if interested.



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want a unique reef structure for the dive parks near seattle?

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Dave Dinsmore <Dave.Dinsmore at noaa.gov><mailto:Dave.Dinsmore at noaa.gov>


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Any interest???? Dave

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Hello Guys,

I hope your transition back to the real world has been a good one.

I want to clear out a number of old NBL training mockups. We no longer

have a need for them. The excess property folks here will crush them for

scrap metal. One mockup I didn't take a picture of is the Hubble Space

Telescope. It pains me to see them crushed.

I think they would make a great fish reef and a dive site attraction

like no other. They should live on.

Since you all work for the government, it should be easy to get the

property transferred to your agency if you're interested. Whoever takes

them will need to pay for transportation.

If you know anyone interest, please pass this on and have them contact me.

Enclosed are two pictures to give you an idea of size.


Dan Sedej

NASA/Johnson Space Center

Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL), DX12

Commercialization & Facility Manager

Phone: 281-244-8346

Cell: 832-226-2841

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